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The Web Hockey League (WHL) was created by Kevin Nash in October 1995. It is a 24-team league currently with GMs from Canada, the United States and Sweden. When Kevin Nash resigned after 19 regular season games only, the league was taken over by one of its GMs: Shaun Driver of the Bridge City Huskies. Then during the first round of the playoffs Shaun had to resign, and after a short delay the WHL was taken over by me, Michael Hebert. The simulation is done using Bethesda Softworks' Hockey League Simulator II (HLS2), and enhanced by Timothy Chan's League Manager as well as various utility programs developed among others by Platinum Computing Systems.

In December 1997, the Web Farm Hockey League (WFHL) got under way. It is the affiliate (farm) league to the WHL; a place where future stars get experience, learning from hard-working veterans holding on for a few extra years before calling it quits. The WFHL was run by Larry Berteotti for the first season and the beginning of the second season, but has now been taken over indefinitely by myself.

In August 1999, tired of waiting around for an HLS2 ratings update from external sources, the WHL decided to create its own Ratings Board and make the HLS2 ratings update based on the 1998-99 NHL season. We called it the WHL/HLS2 Ratings Project. The WHL Ratings Board has been producing a yearly update even since.

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