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Here is the history of all 24 WHL Franchises. Some of them have had a pretty long and diverse history of ownership, while still a few of the original teams and GMs remain.

The WHL values its Original GMs. After all these years, we are lucky enough to still have 3 of the 24 guys who signed up when Kevin Nash started the league in October 1995: Michael Hebert, Brian Howe and Jason Stumpf.

Atlantic Schooners GM: Jonathan Hiseler WHL18: August 10, 2012
Previous history:
-Miami Hooligans, GM: James Freeman, WHL16: Sept. 13, 2010)
-Niagara Falls IceDogs, GM: Jon Lemoine, WHL13: May 20, 2007
-Winnipeg IceDogs, GM: Jon Lemoine, WHL8: June 26, 2002
-Mississauga IceDogs, GM: Jon Lemoine, WHL4: June 30, 1998
-Minneapolis Monarchs, GM: Andreas Larsson, Original GM
Boston SnowDogs GM: Eden Sprawson WHL24: Feb. 4, 2019
Previous history:
-Boston SnowDogs: GM: none (WHL24: September 7, 2018)
-Boston SnowDogs: GM: Matthew Taylor (WHL23: June 30, 2017)
-Boston SnowDogs, GM: Aaron T. Banks (WHL16: August 18, 2010)
-Port Dalhousie SnowDogs, GM: Aaron T. Banks (WHL14: November 16, 2008)
-Dubai Dynamite, GM: Sunny Pathak (WHL13: August 10, 2007)
-Bluevale Knights, GM: Sunny Pathak (WHL12: March 6, 2007)
-Bluevale Knights, GM: Brad Schott (WHL11: August 19, 2005)
-Saskatoon Enforcers, GM: Brad Schott (WHL8: January 26, 2003)
-Saskatoon Enforcers, GM: Patrick Stroem (WHL3: June 17, 1997)
-Walkerton Breakers, GM: Mike Vader (WHL1: February 1, 1996)
-Chisholm Goalpost, GM: Scott Rotondo (WHL1: January 25, 1996)
-Chisholm Goalpost, GM: Xavier Marion, Original GM
Champlain Athletic Club GM: Locria Nyla Fox WHL21: May 24, 2015
Previous history:
-Scranton Thunderbolts, GM: Locria Nyla Fox (WHL20: June 12, 2014)
-Scranton Thunderbolts, GM: Justin Fox (WHL19: July 9, 2013)
-Grand Forks Gorillas, GM: Justin Fox (WHL18: Aug. 21, 2012)
-Grand Forks Gorillas, GM: none (WHL17: Jan. 16, 2012)
-Grand Forks Gorillas, GM: Jason Gudim (WHL15: Aug. 4, 2009)
-Calgary Meltdown, GM: Samuel Larsson (WHL14: Nov. 11, 2008)
-Calgary Meltdown, GM: Joe Hamel (WHL14: Sept. 26, 2008)
-Boise Badgers, GM: Kurt Olson (WHL12: July 20, 2006)
-Boston Hawks, GM: Kurt Olson (WHL11: Jan. 16, 2006)
-Boston Hawks, GM: Peter Nilsson (WHL7: June 8, 2001)
-Halifax Hawks, GM: Amrit Sandhu (WHL6: January 9, 2001)
-Halifax Hawks, GM: John Terzella (WHL5: June 13, 1999)
-Boston Agents, GM: John Terzella (WHL4: November 19, 1998)
-Boston Agents, GM: Dave Sprowl, Original GM
Chicago Centaurs GM: Shay Sutherland WHL21: Aug. 21, 2015
Previous history:
-Chicago Grizzlies, GM: Patrick LaDouceur (WHL17: June 19, 2011)
-Anchorage Orcas, GM: Patrick LaDouceur (WHL16: October 12, 2010)
-Anchorage Orcas, GM: Mike Rhodes (WHL10: July 14, 2004)
-Miami Oceanics, GM: Mike Rhodes (WHL9: January 19, 2004)
-Miami Oceanics, GM: Philipp Gittersberger (WHL6: June 3, 2000)
-Rainbow Lake FrostBite, GM: Philipp Gittersberger (WHL5: March 8, 2000)
-Rainbow Lake FrostBite, GM: Danny MacLeod (WHL4: October 13, 1998)
-Rainbow Lake Potheads, GM: Danny MacLeod (WHL4: October 7, 1998)
-Albany Mallrats, GM: Adam Ardis, Original GM
Chicoutimi Sparrows GM: Michael Hebert Original GM
Detroit Cougars GM: Andreas Nordholm WHL8: August 27, 2002
Previous history:
-Des Moines Dominators, GM: Andreas Larsson (WHL7: July 8, 2001)
-Des Moines Dominators, GM: Jason Kolsrud (WHL1: July 23, 1996)
-Vancouver Drizzle, GM: Dave Shumka, Original GM
Edmonton Dropkicks GM: Chris Kordyback WHL24: June 25, 2018
Previous history:
-Niagara IceDogs, GM: Jon Lemoine (WHL17: Oct. 3, 2011)
-Carribean Pirates, GM: Oggie Ogalthorpe (WHL17: Apr. 28, 2011)
-Edmonton Dropkicks, GM: Oggie Ogalthorpe (WHL16: Jan. 23, 2011)
-Edmonton Dropkicks, GM: Andrew Knoll (WHL16: July 21, 2010)
-Edmonton Dropkicks, GM: Chris Kordyback (WHL12: July 17, 2006)
-Fort Saskatchewan Dropkicks, GM: Chris Kordyback (WHL11: July 4, 2005)
-Calgary Dropkicks, GM: Chris Kordyback (WHL8: June 24, 2002)
-New England Dropkicks, GM: Chris Kordyback (WHL5: May 17, 2000)
-Hartford Dropkicks, GM: Chris Kordyback (WHL4: July 18, 1998)
-Fort Saskatchewan Fury, GM: Kevin Beilner, Original GM
Halifax Citadelles GM: Larry Berteotti WHL12: July 14, 2006
Previous history:
-Trail Smoke Eaters, GM: Larry Berteotti, WHL9: Sept.2, 2003
-Hamilton Steelcats, GM: Larry Berteotti, WHL2: Nov. 1996
-Hamilton Hitmen, GM: Lorne Clark, Original GM
Kelowna Cats GM: Daniel Love WHL24: Nov. 15, 2018
Previous history:
-Kelowna Cats, GM: none (WHL10: October 3, 2018)
-Kelowna Cats, GM: Jason Minton (WHL10: September 19, 2004)
-Harrisburg Bears, GM: Andrew Ketner (WHL7: July 19, 2001)
-Southampton Seagulls, GM: Richard Lomax (WHL6: Feb.18, 2001)
-Southampton Seagulls, GM: Brad Schott (WHL4: Oct.2, 1998)
-Oakland Roses, GM: Brad Schott (WHL4: September 22, 1998)
-Oakland Roses, GM: Eric Von Tersch AGM: Brad Schott (WHL4: June 30, 1998)
-Oakland Roses, GM: Eric Von Tersch (WHL3: August 10, 1997)
-Halifax Flaming Fish, GM: Carson Pierce (WHL3: June 1997)
-Halifax Flaming Fish, GM: Carson Pierce COACH: Jay Patrick (WHL2: 1997)
-Halifax Flaming Fish, GM: Carson Pierce COACH: Larry Berteotti (WHL2: October 4, 1996)
-Kalamazoo Kazoos, GM: Kevin Sharples (WHL2: August 30, 1996)
-Raleigh Wolfpack, GM: Kevin Sharples (WHL1: March 1996)
-Raleigh Wolfpack, GM: Andrew Patrick Anderson, Original GM
Las Vegas Wolves GM: Ryan Moore WHL23: Sept. 19, 2017
Previous history:
-Las Vegas Aces, GM: Ryan Moore (WHL21: May 18, 2015)
-Las Vegas Bulls, GM: Ryan Moore (WHL20: December 24, 2014)
-Las Vegas Bulls, GM: Adam Parker (WHL17: July 26, 2011)
-Las Vegas Bulls, GM: Chris Kubinec (WHL10: June 11, 2004)
-Oakville Bulls, GM: Chris Kubinec (WHL5: April 25, 2000)
-Tampere Tappara, GM: Chris Kubinec (WHL5: January 7, 2000)
-Tampere Tappara, GM: Juha Hakala (WHL5: June 2, 1999)
-Philadelphia Freeze, GM: Juha Hakala (WHL4: April 6, 1999)
-Philadelphia Freeze, GM: Rob Hite COACH: Keith Jones AC: Steve Gardiner (WHL4: 1999)
-Philadelphia Freeze, GM: Rob Hite COACH: Keith Jones (WHL3)
-Philadelphia Freeze, GM: Rob Hite (WHL2)
-Philadelphia Freeze, GM: Rob Hite COACH: Keith Jones (WHL2: September 27, 1996)
-New York Kodiaks, GM: Jud. Burkett (WHL1: February 1996)
-Texas Kodiaks, GM: Mike Martin (WHL1: January 16, 1996)
-Texas Kodiaks, GM: Gary Alan Peterson, Original GM
Maine Moose GM: Shawn Bean WHL23: July 4, 2017
Previous history:
-Lethbridge Pronghorns: GM: Shawn Bean (WHL22, March 16, 2017)
-Lethbridge Pronghorns: GM: Rob Andrew (WHL22: June 27, 2016)
-Edmonton Mountain Men: GM: Rob Andrew (WHL22: June 10, 2016)
-Edmonton Mountain Men: GM: Kevin Lomas (WHL19: June 16, 2014)
-Pasadena Patriots: GM: Carter Liebzeit (WHL18: August 13, 2012)
-Pasadena Patriots, GM: Robert Tassone (WHL16, August 19, 2010)
-Kanata Saints, GM: Stephen Legge (WHL11: August 5, 2005)
-Seattle Saints, GM: David Smith (WHL11: June 13, 2005)
-Seattle Saints, GM: Rob Sypes (WHL9: January 19, 2004)
-Seattle Saints, GM: Denny McEwen (WHL3: Oct. 3, 1997)
-Edmonton Eagles, GM: Sohyung Kang (WHL2: March 5, 1997)
-Calgary Clowns, GM: Mike Newman (WHL2: September 18, 1996)
-Oakville Blades, GM: Matt Pitt (WHL2: August 22, 1996)
-Oakville Raptors, GM: Matt Pitt (WHL1: July 21, 1996)
-Oakville Raptors, GM: Jared Tashimaro (WHL1: March 31, 1996)
-Oakville Raptors, GM: Matt Pitt, Original GM
Minnesota Hawks GM: Tyler LaDouceur WHL22: September 9, 2016
Previous history:
-Minnesota Rink Rats, GM: Tyler LaDouceur (WHL13: May 7, 2007)
-Greenwich Gorillas, GM: Tyler LaDouceur (WHL12: Jan. 13, 2007)
-Greenwich Gorillas, GM: Scott Baden (WHL11: Feb. 26, 2006)
-Greenwich Gorillas, GM: Wayne Trainor (WHL11: May 25, 2005)
-DC Shenanigans, GM: Wayne Trainor (WHL10: March 8, 2005)
-DC Shenanigans, GM: Matt Dennis (WHL10: September 22, 2004)
-Almont Raiders, GM: Scott Baden (WHL5: July 15, 1999)
-St. John's Grunts, GM: Dave Moore, Original GM
New York Demons GM: Adam Mazur WHL12: August 7, 2006
Previous history:
-Edmonton Vikings, GM: Adam Mazur AGM/Coach: Andrew Brock (WHL11: Dec. 21, 2005 / WHL11, Jan. 7, 2006)
-Edmonton Vikings, GM: Lee McEwen COACH: Jason Welter (WHL8, September 9, 2002)
-Edmonton Vikings, GM: Lee McEwen, Original GM
Philadelphia Legion GM: Ryan Voshell WHL22: September 21, 2016
Previous history:
-Spaceballs: The Hockey Club, GM: Ryan Voshell (WHL22: June 13, 2016)
-Gulf Coast Guardians, GM: Ryan Voshell (WHL21: April 17, 2015)
-Nashville Stampede, GM: Ryan Voshell (WHL15: July 31, 2009)
-Mississauga Vipers, GM: Ryan Voshell (WHL15: July 23, 2009)
-Mississauga Vipers, GM: Jason Skidmore (WHL12: Sept. 26, 2006)
-Mississauga Vipers, GM: Craig Stumpf (WHL3: January 5, 1998)
-Guelph Vipers, GM: Lincoln Caissie (WHL3: Oct. 23, 1997)
-Montpelier Golden Republicans, GM: Bob Fulton AGM: Kevin Williams (WHL3: September 17, 1997)
-Bridgeland Huskies, GM: Shaun Driver COACH: Mike Henschel (WHL2: September 20, 1996)
-Bridge City Huskies, GM: Shaun Driver, Original GM
Quebec City Corinthians GM: Marc Hebert WHL6: June 20, 2000
Previous history:
-Kingston Corinthians, GM: Marc Hebert (WHL2: August 22, 1996)
-Newfoundland Gangstaz, GM: Marc Hebert (WHL1: January 25, 1996)
-Newfoundland Gangstaz, GM: Trevor Meade (WHL1: November 5, 1995)
-Coquitlam Glaciers, GM: Hu Brietkopf, Original GM
Rocky Mountain Express GM: Kris Pongratz WHL5: June 13, 1999
Previous history:
-Surrey Strangers, GM: Kris Pongratz (WHL4: September 1998)
-Surrey Strangers, GM: Kris Pongratz AGM: Dareck Faichuk (WHL4: August 1, 1998)
-Surrey Strangers, GM: Kris Pongratz AGM: Jon Lemoine (WHL3: June 3, 1998)
-Surrey Strangers, GM: Kris Pongratz (WHL3: June 19, 1997)
-Whitehorse Rapids, GM: David Jensen, Original GM
Rosenheim Starbulls GM: Phil Gittersberger WHL21: May 29, 2015
Previous history:
-Hartford Dropkicks, GM: Phil Gittersberger (WHL20: May 5, 2015)
-Hartford Dropkicks, GM: Chris Kordyback (WHL20: June 23, 2014)
-Tri-City Roustabouts, GM: Chris Kordyback (WHL17: October 2, 2011)
-Tri-City Trappers, GM: Chris Kordyback (WHL17, June 25, 2011)
-South Beach Sad Trombones, GM: Chris Kordyback (WHL17, June 16, 2011)
-Portland Timberjacks, GM: none (WHL16: Jan.6, 2011)
-Portland Timberjacks, GM: Jes Golbez (WHL14: Feb. 18, 2009)
-Portland Timberjacks, GM: Roy Kimball (WHL9: Sept. 3, 2003)
-Hollywood SeaWolves, GM: Roy Kimball (WHL9: August 21, 2003)
-Hollywood SeaWolves, GM: Rob Sypes (WHL7: August 21, 2001)
-Spokane Chiefs, GM: Rob Sypes (WHL7: July 23, 2001)
-Spokane Chiefs, GM: Rick Luschtinetz (WHL3: January 5, 1998)
-Georgetown N.O.D., GM: Fred Holland (WHL3: August 10, 1997)
-Harlem Heat, GM: Fred Holland (WHL3: July, 1997)
-Lehigh Valley Loons, GM: Fred Holland (WHL3: June 7, 1997)
-Struer Norsemen, GM: Lori Steward (WHL2: August 21, 1996)
-Moscow Blizzard, GM: Lori Steward (WHL1: July 21, 1996)
-Moscow Blizzard, GM: Dave Shrewsbury (WHL1: November 8, 1995)
-Halifax Spiders, GM: Tom Bedell, Original GM
Saskatoon Fighting Irish GM: Chris Butler WHL12: July 18, 2006
Previous history:
-South China Sea Taipans, GM: Chris Butler (WHL11, March 15, 2006)
-South China Sea Taipans, GM: David Easton (WHL8: August 9, 2003)
-Montreal Citadelles, GM: David Easton (WHL8: January 26, 2003)
-Montreal Citadelles, GM: Magnus Nilsson (WHL8: September 9, 2002)
-Montreal Juggernaughts, GM: Magnus Nilsson (WHL5: August 4, 1999)
-Montreal Juggernaughts, GM: Stephan Brault (WHL4: Oct. 17, 1998)
-Winnipeg Wolves, GM: Lars Nordekvist (WHL2: October 15, 1996)
-Terra Nova Thunder, GM: Kevin Nash and Stephen Crewe (WHL2, 1996)
-Hermitage Bangers, GM: Kevin Nash and Melvin Crewe (WHL1: December 12, 1995)
-Hermitage Bangers, GM: Charlie Crewe (WHL1: November 1, 1995)
-Hermitage Explosion, GM: Charlie Crewe, Original GM
Stockholm Stealth GM: Eddie Price WHL24: Aug. 28, 2018
Previous history:
-Kansas City Monarchs, GM: Jarrid Jepson (WHL23, Sept. 1, 2017)
-Stittsville Stealth, GM: Jarrid Jepson (WHL21: Aug. 10, 2015)
-Ottawa Polar Bears, GM: Stephen Legge (WHL16: Dec. 16, 2010)
-Ottawa Capitols, GM: Joel B. Levy (WHL15: Aug. 7, 2009)
-Ottawa Maniax, GM: Joel B. Levy (WHL14: Nov. 16, 2008)
-Ottawa Maniax, GM: Pat Eggert (WHL11: May 25, 2005)
-Hudson River Hensch, GM: Jay Tameling, Coach: Chad Tameling (WHL8, May 30, 2002)
-Pittsburgh Endless, GM: Filip Bily (WHL5: June 13, 1999)
-Pittsburgh Quakers, GM: Filip Bily (WHL4: December 12, 1998)
-Pittsburgh Quakers, GM: Todd Henry, Original GM
Toronto Stallions GM: Brian Howe WHL2: Jan. 21, 1997
Previous history:
-Milton Mustangs, GM: Brian Howe, Original GM
Vancouver Voodoo GM: Trent Gettel WHL21: January 3, 2016
Previous history:
-Vancouver Voodoo, GM: Jason Gudim (WHL19, December 1, 2013)
-Vancouver Voodoo, GM: Darren Kinnaird (WHL2: August 1996)
-Vancouver Voodoo, GM: Robert Wysoglad (WHL1: March 1996)
-Vancouver Voodoo, GM: Darren Kinnaird, Original GM
Waterloo Lunatics GM: Jason Stumpf Original GM
Winnipeg Warriors GM: Scott Baden WHL16: August 3, 2010
Previous history:
-Harlem Hoodrats, GM: Scott Baden (WHL15: September 26, 2009)
-Harlem Hoodrats, GM: Fred Desjardins (WHL14: Dec. 13, 2008)
-Harlem Hoodrats, GM: Carter Jordan (WHL12: July 17, 2006)
-Victoria Islanders, GM: Carter Jordan (WHL11: Nov. 29, 2005)
-Victoria Islanders, GM: Dave MacDougall (WHL6: September 22, 2000)
-Penticton Venom, GM: Jeff Tetz (WHL3: June 13, 1997)
-Waterloo Warriors, GM: Jeff MacDonald COACH: Kevin Nash (WHL2: December 12, 1996)
-Waterloo Warriors, GM: Jeff MacDonald, Original GM
Ypsilanti Figments GM: Stuart Collis WHL20: June 12, 2014
Previous history:
-Saskatchewan Dugouts, GM: Stuart Collis (WHL19, March 10, 2014)
-Saskatchewan Dugouts, GM: Matthew Taylor (WHL19: January 6, 2014)
-Saskatchewan Dugouts, GM: Dave MacDougall (WHL13: November 25, 2007)
-HC Slavia Praha, GM: Jes Golbez (WHL10: September 20, 2004)
-Chi-Town Krushers, GM: Jes Golbez (WHL2: May 6, 1997)
-Chi-Town Krushers, GM: Robert Wysoglad (WHL2: September 6, 1996)
-Houghton Icetasy, GM: Robert Friedmann (WHL1: November 3, 1995)
-Toronto Beasts, GM: Bernie Zeesman, Original GM